Christina J’s Natural Life

Healing PCOS Starts With The Mind

What your mind can’t heal

your body will reveal


PCOS and ME!

27 was the age I was when I was told I had PCOS. For so many years I searched and read everything I could on the internet or books just to find something that worked for me! I was exhausted, depressed, severely overweight, was on the verge of becoming a diabetic. Even Metformin and dieting couldn’t control the issue. If I happened to sit or stand anywhere for longer than 30 minutes my legs and feet would swell until they were the size of my thighs and it was painful! I had hair loss and was growing a pretty epic mustache but no matter what I tried I couldn’t find anything long term. Until one day I decided to do for me what I was doing for others! Ever since then I haven’t had a single physical symptom and even my blood work continuously comes back normal. My goal now is to help as many people as possible so they can live the stress free, happy, dream life they deserve!

My name is-

Christina J,

RTT Hypnotherapist, Meditation Instructor, Herbalist, and Energy Healer

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